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As she tells her stories, Carrie Ayvar gets enthused with childish glee. Whether in English or in Spanish, her tales … deal with simple facts about nature, animals, daily life, with beautiful images and constructive morals.

 Norma Niurka, Journalist

El Nuevo Herald and the Miami Herald



Loved the stories and especially that Carrie Sue wove them in both languages... all of the programs here are great, but this one topped them all!

Audience Evaluation Form                                                                                   

The Emerson Center, Vero Beach, FL 



Wonderful! Thank you very much for sharing your time and talent with us. Your stories were mesmerizing and the way you went back and forth between English and Spanish was amazing – it was beautiful to listen to.  

Jane P. Ferry, Curator of Education

Orlando Museum of Art


This lady is a true collector of tales and connector of cultures, whether in English or Spanish! She blends the two languages and her cultural stories beautifully. To hire Carrie Sue is an invitation to know her. She never meets a stranger.

Cheryl Floyd, Storyteller & Performing Artist 

Carrie Sue brings something unique to the table. She's vibrant, intelligent, humorous and bi-lingual.
Yvonne Healy, Performing Artist
Michigan Arts & Humanities Tourting Program

A dynamo of activity and accomplishment in the areas of storytelling, drama, theater and teaching. Carrie Sue Ayvar never fails to deliver outstanding programs, workshops and residencies.
Sharon Brooks, Education Director
Broward Center for the Performing Arts

So much enthusiasm, so much energy, very interactivbe. Mesmerizing! Your audience ages ranged from 9 years to 71-80.  You had a story for every age. You are amazing!
Margaret S. Staples
Paragon Ladies of the Dove, Inc.

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