about Storyteller Carrie Sue Ayvar:

 Pablo Picasso once said “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”  Carrie Sue feels that her gift is to entertain, educate and perpetuate the oral tradition of storytelling connecting people and their cultures through stories in Spanish & English. She believes that, by becoming aware of one another’s stories, people learn to more easily accept one another. As her Grandpa Nat, a Talmudic Scholar, taught her, “It is hard to hate someone whose story you know.” 


During any of her performance or engagements she strives to keep in mind some of her basic truths. These include:

1. Open minds and hearts connect people.

2. Joy is good for the soul.

3. A life open to learning is a life worth living.

4. Service is an expression of love.

5. To know a people’s language & culture is to know the people.

6. Small things, done with great love, make the world better.

7. Have the courage to take chances and do what is right and even fail. Have to courage to get up and try again. 


Storytelling, is not just what she does but who she is. Whether she is speaking to a conference of business people, to educators or children, in a school cafetorium or on a festival stage, Carrie Sue endeavors to create opportunities for each listener to learn and grow. New ideas and perspectives are the seeds she sows. Once, after a performance, a young boy came up to her and said, “Thank you for painting those pictures in my mind.” Carrie Sue is eternally grateful to have found her gift and hopes to be able to share it with you.


Others say...

I was overjoyed to walk into the pod and watch the students interacting with you as you told the stories. I know that the students were excited… the enthusiasm was catching. Thank you for visiting our school. We do appreciate your kindness and giving the students that "extra".

  Barbara M. George, Principal

 Thena Crowder Elementary School School, Miami, FL 

It was such a pleasure having you come to Pasco County! Our children’s lives have been touched by you and your wonderful stories. You’re the best! Thank you.

 Beatrice K. Palls                                                                                  

 Supervisor, ESOL & Foreign Languages                                                                                  

 Pasco County, FL                                                                                  


I loved it when you told the story in English and Spanish – I could listen with both my ears – Spanish and English! Gracias – Thank you!

 5th Grade Student                                                                                  

Live Oak, FL                                                                                   


I heard rave reviews about your fine storytelling programs at Burroughs-Molette. The teachers were so pleased. You made me look good for having you here. Thanks again.

 Judi Teston

Media Specialist

 Brunswick, GA                                                                                 


I loved the way you told the stories in two different languages. Even though I don’t understand Spanish I still thought it was cool!

 Jackie, student                                                                                  

 Morton, MS                                                                                  


And don’t worry – I’ll make sure I tell those stories over and over again!                                              

 Jillian, 3rd grade student                                                                                  

 Pembroke Pines, FL                                                                                  


I was having a bad day, but the stories made me laugh and forget my troubles. Thank you. 

Jessica, student                                                                                   

Panther Run Elementary                                                                                   


She embodies learning in and through the arts… Carrie Sue is a Master Teaching Artist.                                                                                   

 Sheila Womble, Executive Director                                                                                  

Arts For Learning/ Young Audiences Miami  

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