Storyteller, Cuentista

Growing up surrounded by stories, Carrie Sue learned early on the power of the oral tradition and it's capacity for healing, inspiration, education, and entertainment. When Carrie Sue discovered that there were others out there who had not heard even the classic stories -- read a few maybe, but not experienced the rich oral practice of storytelling -- she knew she had found her calling.

Growing up a descendent of Eastern European Jews in Pittsburgh, PA, Carrie Sue never knew a life without stories. Her grandparents passed down Old World tales as her father reminisced about fantastic show business memories. As she explains in her story "The Bullseye", her grandfather, in typical talmudic fashion, regularly used stories as teaching tools. Using stories as a guide, he allowed Carrie Sue and her siblings to arrive at their own conclusions and challenge their perceptions of a situation, a technique Carrie Sue often uses today. 

She moved to Mexico as a teenager, where she then met her husband and discovered another world of stories among her newfound family and friends. Combining her childhood stories with those she has gathered during her time in Mexico and the U.S., Carrie Sue has developed an impressive repertoire of bilingual, cultural, folk, and historical tales.

Today, Carrie Sue is a nationally acclaimed storyteller dedicated to preserving and promoting the art of storytelling. Sharing her stories in both English and Spanish, she connects people, languages, and cultures through her tales.


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